For the past three weeks I have been transitioning in and out of the field, which has taught me a bit about myself and the woods. For example, I really dislike the smell of caramel oil-soaked rags.  I also love the outdoors. Being able to go out into the field and explore the New England woods has been so fun and relaxing.  I’m also learning so much about the local flora and fauna from my fellow students.  We all have such different

specialized knowledge but an underlying curiosity about the world around us, leading to lots of pit stops to catch frogs and potentially snap a picture of a bird or two.  Sam can identify every bird in the area based on call alone, Ramona can identify plants and fungi, Jac can catch frogs like no one else I know, and I can name the types of cows we see along the way.  Every site we visit is peaceful and beautiful in its own way and some are so deep in the woods that they feel downright magical, especially with the distant call of a hermit thrush (thanks Sam).  I can’t wait for the rest of the summer and all of the forest treks that lie ahead!

-Eleanor Hollers