Zooming in

Observing wildlife is one of my favorite pastimes, so imagine my excitement when I joined the field team! When it comes to bear research, though, one must have realistic expectations: bears look cuddly and all, but it’s probably not a good idea to saunter up to them and ask for a group selfie. They would … Continue reading Zooming in


I had never seen a bear before––at least in person. Growing up in Canada near Banff National Park, I had heard bear encounter stories within the community, but I never experienced my own encounter. Their mystique grew greater as I became a part of the bear project near the end of the school year. I … Continue reading Cubs!

Set up

We have had lots of excitement about this project over the last couple of weeks!  During the week of May 20th, over 25 members of Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife joined us in setting up the hair corrals!  We now have about 120 sites set up across the state. Last week, Kathy and I each worked … Continue reading Set up