So Much Life!

A sunny morning sight just getting out of the car at one of our sites before we head into the woods. This is my third week, and even now, I am simply amazed by the life that surrounds me as I tromp clumsily through the forest. As the sun rises higher in the sky on … Continue reading So Much Life!

New Landscape

This is the first time I’ve gotten to participate in an extensive fieldwork experience; it’s been all I’ve expected… and so much more! Having spent most of my life in the drastically different environment of Southern California, the scenery around this area has absolutely surpassed my expectations. I’m used to dry and brown summers, so … Continue reading New Landscape

Zooming in

Observing wildlife is one of my favorite pastimes, so imagine my excitement when I joined the field team! When it comes to bear research, though, one must have realistic expectations: bears look cuddly and all, but it’s probably not a good idea to saunter up to them and ask for a group selfie. They would … Continue reading Zooming in


I had never seen a bear before––at least in person. Growing up in Canada near Banff National Park, I had heard bear encounter stories within the community, but I never experienced my own encounter. Their mystique grew greater as I became a part of the bear project near the end of the school year. I … Continue reading Cubs!